Monday, May 17, 2010

New Paradise Swing Yeahhh

Well many of you don't know I have been working really hard in getting my front yard going and planting.  My hubby for Mother's Day got me this swing that I have been wanting for such a long time.  Yesterday we where putting it together and we where soooo frustrated because the swing did not come with the parts labeled.  We even got into a headed discussion over it.  Have you ever gotten frustrated with your other half over putting stuff together?  I want to know? Anyways, my brother Jose came to the Rescue and helped out my hubby by lending his man hands instead of mine.  Luckily the swing turned out great and I was able to enjoy some relaxing time with my Sister In Law: Lilah along with our Margaritas.  Awww finally we could relax.  It was great having my Brother, Sister-In-Law and Nieces over.  Love them sooo much.

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