Monday, July 25, 2011


What you will need:

Bedazzled Vaseline-(Tutorial Coming Soon)

Oil Of Olay Body Lotion Plus Shimmer
Picture from Website-This is what the new bottle looks like.Just in case.:)

This has been working wonders for me lately:
After a shower apply vaseline over your entire body.  Shower again after one hour. Repeat once every week. Then lather your entire body with Oil of Olay Body Lotion with Shimmer. You will get compliments about your skin left and right.

xoxo, Shelly

Mind your style

Paying attention to the small details make a difference.  If you really don't have time for a ton make sure you have your hair in place and the right shoes. You can always look your best and not spend a fortune either. These small things will make a huge difference in your overall style.  Girls pamper yourself and always stay up on your game.

Oufit of the Day:
Flower Earrings: DollarLand in Chicago
Orange Tie Shirt: Boutique in Miami.,FL.
Citizen Watch
Brown Shorts: Discovery Clothing in Chicago
Shoes(Not Pictured)-Boutique in Miami.,FL.
Also Loving: Physicians Formula Bronzer & Laura Gellars Body Bronzer
Had a blast this weekend at a Local Bar with my friends.

What did everyone do this weekend?


Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Unique Butterfly and Outfit of The Day

Love her creations.My girl Christina-The Unique Butterfly. She made the earrings I wore for the Pride Parade and she can custom make earrings and many more for your special event.Check out the earrings she made and make sure to check out her page.

Pride Inspired Feathered Earrings made by The Unique Butterfly:
Contact Info-
Christina Unique
Cell: 312.451.3541

Pride Parade Inspired Look I created with Blue Eyeshadow from
 Shany Cosmetics 40 pc.Eyeshadow Palette:

Outfit of the Day ( Pride Parade )-
Blue Feather Headband-DollarLand in Chicago
Blue Eye Makeup-Shany Cosmetics:
 Ray Ban Purple Aviators-Ray-Ban:
Pride Inspired Earrings-The Unique Butterfly in Chicago
Swan Ring: DollarLand in Chicago
Nail Polish: Black Onyx from Klean Color
Womens Gold & Silver Watch-Citizen:
Yellow Ny Shirt-Family Dollar in Chicago
Yellow Belt-DollarLand in Chicago
LazerJe Blue Jeans-Discovery Clothing
Shoes-Multi-Colored Sandals from AJ Wright in Chicago

I had a blast with my Girlfriends Christina and Elba at the Pride Parade in Chicago. Wouldn't change anything for the world.Love them.


Things I've Made

These our just a few things I've made for Gracie over the years.
  Will have more posted soon.

Flower Clips

Button & Flower Clips

Glitter Fabulous

Lately I've been having an obsession with Nail Polish with Glitter.I've been using these that I bought for Gracie but will be getting more.
PURE ICE in Tease from Walgreens
Mood Color Changing Nail Polish in Purple-(Sorry doesn't change color)
From Claire's

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Outfit Ideas

Here are just a few outfits that I have enjoyed wearing:
Outfit I wore for Puertorican Festival-
Red Jumpsuit-Discovery Clothing in Chicago
Earrings: Diamond Inspired Studs-Dollar Land in Chicago
Hat: IDK
Shoes: Black Wedges-Chernin's Shoe Outlet in Maywood,IL.
Black Ring: Dollar Land
Nail Polish: On The Same Paige by O.P.I.-
Ray Ban Purple Aviators:
Womens Citizen Watch:

 Before heading out to the Wrigleyville Festival.,outfit I wore that day:
Purple Tube Summer Dress: Discovery Clothing in Chicago
Black Sandals: Discovery Clothing in Chicago
Earrings: Diamond Inspired Studs-Dollar Land in Chicago

Hard Candy Nail Polish & Ring in Frenzy:
Womens Citizen Watch:

Outfit I wore in Texas:
Teal Summer Shirt from Express:
Blue Skinny Jeans from Levis:
Earrings: Diamond Inspired Studs-Dollar Land in Chicago
Womens Citizen Watch:

Let me know what you think?

Outfit of The Day & M.U.L. Humbolt Park Car Show in Chicago

I had the privilege to attend the M.U.L. Humbolt Park Car Show in Chicago.  It was an amazing event that featured so many beautiful cars and motorcycles.  I had a blast enjoying all the cars with my Best Friend Krystal.  Here are some pics and What I was wearing to this event:

My Outfit Of  The Day:
Flower Hair Clip-The Unique Butterfly:Contact Info-
Christina-The Unique Butterfly.,Cell:312.451.3541

Bodysuit: My friends Elba-Sorry have no idea where she got it.
But you can find something similar at any fashion store.
Shoes: A.J.Wright in Chicago-No longer in Business
Earrings-Yellow Spirals
Ring-Black Onyx-DollarLand in Chicago
Nail Polish in Black by Klean Color
Sunglasses: Purple Ray Ban Aviators:
 Gold&Silver Womens Citizen Watch:
Black Prada Purse:

 My Favorite Car in the Show-I wish I had a car like this one.:).

 Me holding a snake.,I was so nervous.He kept crawling through my purse.

My Best Friend Krystal-She always wanted to try this.You Go Girl.

 Krystal holding a Lizard-Hey he stuck his tongue out at her.

 Me & Krystal having a blast.

We had a great time.:)