Monday, July 25, 2011

Mind your style

Paying attention to the small details make a difference.  If you really don't have time for a ton make sure you have your hair in place and the right shoes. You can always look your best and not spend a fortune either. These small things will make a huge difference in your overall style.  Girls pamper yourself and always stay up on your game.

Oufit of the Day:
Flower Earrings: DollarLand in Chicago
Orange Tie Shirt: Boutique in Miami.,FL.
Citizen Watch
Brown Shorts: Discovery Clothing in Chicago
Shoes(Not Pictured)-Boutique in Miami.,FL.
Also Loving: Physicians Formula Bronzer & Laura Gellars Body Bronzer
Had a blast this weekend at a Local Bar with my friends.

What did everyone do this weekend?


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