Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Outfit of The Day & M.U.L. Humbolt Park Car Show in Chicago

I had the privilege to attend the M.U.L. Humbolt Park Car Show in Chicago.  It was an amazing event that featured so many beautiful cars and motorcycles.  I had a blast enjoying all the cars with my Best Friend Krystal.  Here are some pics and What I was wearing to this event:

My Outfit Of  The Day:
Flower Hair Clip-The Unique Butterfly:Contact Info-
Christina-The Unique Butterfly.,Cell:312.451.3541

Bodysuit: My friends Elba-Sorry have no idea where she got it.
But you can find something similar at any fashion store.
Shoes: A.J.Wright in Chicago-No longer in Business
Earrings-Yellow Spirals
Ring-Black Onyx-DollarLand in Chicago
Nail Polish in Black by Klean Color
Sunglasses: Purple Ray Ban Aviators: http://www.ray-ban.com/usa
 Gold&Silver Womens Citizen Watch: http://www.citizenwatch.com/
Black Prada Purse: http://www.prada.com/

 My Favorite Car in the Show-I wish I had a car like this one.:).

 Me holding a snake.,I was so nervous.He kept crawling through my purse.

My Best Friend Krystal-She always wanted to try this.You Go Girl.

 Krystal holding a Lizard-Hey he stuck his tongue out at her.

 Me & Krystal having a blast.

We had a great time.:)

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