Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I was sooo excited when I heard that Hard Candy Cosmetics was being Re-Branded At Walmart Stores.  The Walmart Displays are super cute! Hard Candy Cosmetics are bright and fun loving colors to wear and experiment with.,there also inexpensive.  Hard Candy has beauty products that are made up of glamour and originality. The trend setting makeup gets you noticed. I was overwhelmed!  I felt like a little kid at a Candy Store: Glitter shadows, shadow quads, baked shadow duos, baked bronzers, funky colored liners, lipstick, lipgloss, nail polish (with those adorable plastic rings)… I could go on and on.  My Fav products are:

Button Your Lip Liquid Lipstick With Bonus Lipliner
(Lipstick in Luxe and Liner in Berry)

Take Me Out Glitter Eyeliner In Truffle-(Goes On Smooth and Last All Day)

My Ultimate Fav: Just Nails In Lava (Sparkle) with the cute little Ring:Adorable

The Lipstick goes on smoothly as well as the Eyeliner and who can forget adorable Nail Polish with cute little Ring.  The Colors are Fantastic, the Tattoo designs are adorable and the selection of different kinds of make-up are to die for!  It’s the quality you’d expect from Hard Candy at really great prices. I am hooked!!
Go to Walmart and Check out Hard Candy for yourself.  I know I loved it! or you can visit there website at http://www.hardcandy.com/ .Also  Check out my Review on my youtube:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8iDyrEMqGE .

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