Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gracie's Visit To Santa/Chronicles Of Narnia Exhibit at Woodfield Mall

This past weekend I took Grace to visit Santa Clause at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois. To our surprise before visiting Santa they had the most wonderful exhibit The Chronicles of  Narnia.   It was  turned into an Ice Castle that you have to go through right before you go see Santa.  Here are a few pics that displayed the wonderful time we had:

Before Entering The Ice Castle

Waiting in Line before she saw Santa., she was very impatient to see him.

They had the most amazing life Size Dolls of the Movie Chronicles Of Narnia Part Three in a SnowGlobe and in the bottom displayed part's of the movie.  How cool is that?

In the movie the new character that is the boy is hilarious and Gracie love's the Rat.

Grace inside the Ice Castle right before she was about to see Santa.

Inside the Ice Castle there was fake snow that she played with and threw in the air.

She really enjoyed being inside the Ice Castle and it was so beautiful.

She loved the Center of the Ice Castle where you threw snow and it just floated in the air.

I was so happy to share this wonderful moment with her as the Ice Castle was like a dream. 
 Plasma's all around displaying part's of the movie , the walls where transformed into ice paintings; making you feel like you where in Antartica and snow all over the floor. Such a magical place.

She had the time of her life and didn't want to leave.

By the time she got to see Santa she was filled with snow.

Right before she saw Santa, she also Sat in a huge chair that was frozen cold resembling the Ice Queen from the Movie.  She saw Santa and gave him a huge list of things she wanted. Oh Boy was it a long list.,LOL. After the Santa Visit we went to the Movie Theatre and saw The Chronicles Of Narnia Part Three Movie in 3D. It was great and we loved it.

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