Friday, March 25, 2011


This was requested by one of my subscribers.  Here are pics of when I was in pageants. Enjoy:
 Miss Puerto Rican Parade Of Chicago Competition 2003
 Queen Of The Puerto Rican Parade Committee Of Chicago 2003-2004
 With Friends At The Puerto Rican Parade Festivities 2003
 In Puerto Rico 2003
 Contestants from The National Miss Latin Image Competition 2002 in Houston , Texas.
 Was very proud to be there.
 Miss Teen All American Competition in Suburbs of Chicago.
 Miss Hispanic Beauty 1999(Me) with other queens in Las Vegas.
 Representing the Town Of Aguadilla in the Miss Puerto Rican Parade Pageant of Chicago 2001, Program Photo.
 As the Queen I honored Cafe Goya President with a painting who later became a great friend. Thanks for believing in me.
 You can tell my Uncle Javy is very proud of me. Thanks tio!
 In one of my many community services signing autographs at an under priviligied school
 My girl and former Queen of the Puerto Rican Parade Ivelisse congratulating me for Winning the Title Of Miss Puerto Rican Parade Committe of Chicago 2003

 My Family and Friends Congratulating me on my Victory!
 At The Puerto Rican Parade in Downtown Chicago
 At the Puerto Rican Parade Float in Downtown Chicago

In the Puerto Rican Parade Festival on Main Stage 

Hope you enjoyed some pics of my pageant years :) Good times never forgotten.

Xoxo, Shelly

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