Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As I posted yesterday on my youtube, I have been inspired by Zuzana's Motto: Make Today Matter. Zuzana is from www.bodyrock.tv and she is amazing. Solid hard rock body with abs of steel.,lol. I am determined to have flat abs again and have been working really hard towards my goal. I work out every morning now Monday Through Friday. I was so busy yesterday cleaning the house and washing clothes. To my amazement I am still in the process of washing clothes. Thanks goodness it's pouring out here today and I can just wash clothes and well work as I have alot of work today from my job. I will be posting a video soon sometime this week, Stay tune for that. I have also been really busy concentrating on my skin and will be making a skin schedule as I am always so busy and forget that works for me. It allows me to look at the schedule and always make sure I take good care of my skin as that is important to me. Well that's all I have for today as I have to go workout. Have a blessed day! Love, Shelly

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