Thursday, July 1, 2010

My New Phone HTC HD By T-Mobile

Omg I had to blog about my new phone.  This is the first time that I have ever had a Hi-Tech phone,lol I know am late hahaha.  I am simply loving all the new features I  have to play with.  My new Phone is the HTC HD with 3G by T-Mobile.The screen is sooo big 4.3 inches from corner to corner with bright, lifelike resolution 480x800.  You can see all your conversations with someone from calls, emails, text messages all together in one place.  I love that no matter where am at I can check my local weather as I always want to know how the weather is going to be & the weather shows up animated too.:)  It has a Do everything faster feature. Qualcomm’s latest processor, the new 1GHz Snapdragon™, speeds up everything—from playing games to watching shows to opening files from work. Now I can check my yahoo messages, YouTube and even watch a movie.  How cool is that.  Awesome!

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