Saturday, July 24, 2010

Teeny Tiny Target Haul

Hello Beautiful People! How’s the weekend treating you? Am posting this blog as I just posted a video on my YouTube about this Haul and decided to discuss it further:

L’Oreal Magic Perfecting Base is simply amazing! I was instantly in love the minute I tried the sample in my Vogue magazine when it first came out. I was absolutely thrilled with the results. It’s such a great primer and oil control base. I applied it all over my face and then put on my liquid foundation. My skin really did look a lot smoother which helps give it a younger look. Don’t we all want younger looking skin? Plus it’s a really great product for oily skin. It helps control oils and kept my makeup in place. It really is magic!

Rimmel London Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara

I have to say I was a bit hesitant about this. I am really picky about Mascara’s as I only seem to like a few. This was okay for me, still was not the best. As a Waterproof Mascara it was great. Went to the Lake with a friend and didn’t seem to smudge. It has a three pump wand which was what attracted me to the product in the first place. This pump did allow me to apply it evenly but wasn’t that impressed with the bristles. They separated my lashes good but felt sort of rough which in the packaging seemed like they were bigger. I liked the bottle and color as I am a big sucker for packaging.

Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner

Love’s it! I got the color Eternal (03) which is like a Lime Green. The color is fabulous and was impressed with the staying power of this liquid eyeliner. I applied it early in the morning about 7AM and was amazed that it did not smudge one bit. I didn’t remove it till 10PM, that’s simply just shocked me. Most of all it was not at all rough to remove with eye makeup remover. I am such a huge fan of these and will be picking up all the colors.

Elf Eyeliner Brush

I am in love with ELF. These products are awesome. I love that you can find them just about anywhere and most of all there affordable. I am obsessed with them right now. I have to say that for a dollar you can’t beat this brush. The bristles where a bit rough to the touch of the hand but when applied on my upper lash line didn’t feel as rough. It’s great for applying Eye shadow on the upper lash line or eyeliner.

L’Oreal Ever Strong Reconstruct Conditioner for Frizzy Hair

In my quest for the perfect conditioner this one has won me with its incredible smell. The smell is so minty and refreshing that you just want to lather your hair twice with conditioner. It left my hair soft and silky but I didn’t feel like it fought the frizz.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

I love bathing my 5 year old daughter with this. It simply leaves her skin soft and smooth. I just love how it smells on her. The oatmeal scent makes me just want to eat her up. Love’s it for Grace.

Let me know if you tried any of these products and which ones where your favorites?


  1. I've tried the Rimmel Curves but in the purple bottle and hated it...everyone always raves about how good Rimmel mascara is but its terrible and I am actually not a fan of it at all....

    I have to try that foundation smoother and the Milani eyeliner but I want it in Blue!

    Thanks for this post! :)