Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wish List #1

Have you ever just had those days where your surfing the net bored at home not knowing what to do? Well lately that's what I've been doing. I even came up with a list of things that am going to start saving my money for. It's okay to dream because that's how anything in this world starts out from. If you have dream you got to work towards them if you really want them. These are things that are on my list that I want and little by little I will save my money and get. Hey a girl can dream why not chase her dreams. :)

Bead Head Hot Rollers

Enzo Milano Curling Iron

Clarisonic Mia

Nikon Digital SLR Camera-Not Sure Which One Yet?

MacBook or MacBook Pro?

Digital Frame not sure which one yet?

These are things I want for myself but before getting them I am going to remodel Gracie's Room , her closet, my closet and finish my kitchen.  So I won't get this things right away but it's good to have a plan.  Am going to start with Gracie's Room so I will show you some ideas of what I want to do for her room in another blog.

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