Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bdellium Tools Anti-Bacterial Make-Up Brushes

Bdellium Tools Professional Anti-Bacterial Makeup Brushes are a must have for any makeup addict. At first I wasn’t sure why where they Anti-Bacterial, well I found out that they use special materials that guard against harmful bacteria. The materials are Non-Toxic and safe to the Environment. The handle is great and the color of the handle will not fade as it is lacquered with 7 Layers of Coating. These brushes are soft and makeup application was nice and easy for me. The most important thing was that they are very affordable. They are made with all natural and synthetic fibers that allow you to use the brush according to the purpose it was designed for. My Favorite brushes where the 948-Foundation Brush  and the 957-Precision Cheek Brush:

(948-Foundation Brush)

948-Foundation Brush has all synthetic fibers. This 3 toned oval shaped brush allowed me to apply my foundation evenly without wasting any foundation product which resulted in a perfect finish. It’s perfect to use with any liquid or cream foundation.
(957-Precision Cheek Brush)

957-Precision Cheek has a 2 toned synthetic brush allowed me to pick up the blush product with ease and gave me this beautiful application on my cheeks. Great to use with powder blush, cream-to powder and mineral powder.

These where other brushes I had the privilege to try:
(936-Concealer Brush)
936-Concealer Brush -3-toned mildly curved at the tip which I loved as it allows you to have better blending around the eyes, great on Blemishes too.
(992-Bronzer Brush)
992-Bronzer was super soft love that it was round which blended my bronzer perfectly with no streaky orange lines.
(980-Natural Powder Brush)
980-Natural Powder was extremely super soft. It distributed my pressed powder evenly for a perfect finished look.
(778-Large Shadow Brush)
778-Large Shadow Brush was a perfect size for my eyes as an all over application from Lid to Brow Bone.
(769-Angled Contour Eye Shadow Brush)
769-Angled Contour Eye Shadow Brush was my third favorite brush. I loved the angle of this brush as it blended my Eye shadow well on my inner and outer corners of the eye.

Overall I highly recommend these brushes. Having the right tools really does make a difference and these where such a perfect match for me.

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