Monday, August 9, 2010

Newest Addition to Our Family!

Hi Everyone, How was your weekend?  Mine was great., I spent the weekend with Eric and Gracie.  We just did some Shopping,yeah that means I have a couple videos to do,hehehe.  Stay tune for those will upload them within this week.  We also ran some errands and added some pets to our family.
 Meet Our Ball Python-Striker:

We have also had our Fish Tank for a while but we where always busy doing other things that we forgot always to add fish,lol.  We finally added some fish that way when people come over they can stop telling us where's the fish,hehehe.  Our other members of the family are:

4 Diffent Color Cichlids: One Yellow, One Yellow with Grey Stripes,
 One Blue With Black Stripes & the other is Blue with Yellow Tail and Fins.

I was only able to capture one of the yellow one's as the other's are hiding from me.  They are babies and will grow pretty big.  Will show you more pictures of them as they grow a little bigger.  Gracie love's animals and she is very excited about all of them.  She feeds the fish and we just feed Striker his first Rat, yes he finally ate one.  We where a little worried about him not eating, but he just gobbled up the rat like it was a snack.  We changed his terranium to diffent bedding as it seemed he didn't like the mulch very much.  He was always hiding under a rock and we never saw him.  This bedding makes it visible to see and he doesn't hide anymore.  Yeah! We our loving them all  but most of all Gracie.

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