Friday, August 20, 2010

Day At The Kohl's Childrens Museum in Glenview, Illinois

I was so excited when my brother Pedro yesterday came to pick me up with my nephew Baby Pedro. I haven't seen him in a couple of months as my brother works and his mom goes to work and school. He is growing up so fast and getting chunky. We went to the Kohl's Childrens Museum in Glenview, Illinois. We had so much fun there, as it was are first time there. Gracie of course fell in love with the place. We will definately have to go back there soon. She tried everything and roled played alot. It was fun to just spend the day with her and see her excitement.

(Grace and Pedro in the Shopping Center)

(Pretending she is riding a boat threw the swamp-looking for turtles and ducks,lol.)

(She was in a doll house pretending she was a Mommy. She fed the doll, changed her diaper, read to the baby and rock the baby to sleep in a rocking chair. Aww she's so caring.)

(Grace and Pedro working hard at the Car Wash., they even did detailed

PS. Took pictures with my phone camera.,let me know what you think of the quality?

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