Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Best Bath Store Products

The Best Bath Store

I’ve been testing these out and here’s what I think:

The Bath Bombs are great! You can smell the wonderful aromas in them. There a very good size & I loved the packaging. It had this plastic container which protects it from breaking and this plastic film around it which protects the scent.

I had the Dead Sea one which smells like the sea but with an Ivory Scent. It contains salt, mud & essential minerals from the sea that leaves your skin radiant. This bath bomb is great to exfoliate your skin.

The Next Bath Bomb I had was the “Sweetheart” and smells like roses to me. It had this very cute heart in the middle which Gracie loved. Gracie and I did a Mommy and Me Bath Together with this and we truly enjoyed it. It contains Neroli, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang essential oils. This bath bomb is great if you had a long stressed day, as it lifted my spirits.

Now everyone knows I love Citrus Scents. I tried the “Summer Citrus Body Scrub”. Let me tell you it smells amazing. I love the fine granule particles it has as it gave me a great exfoliating experience. I also like that it’s in a squeeze bottle that allowed me to use the amount I only needed. Most of all the scent stood in my skin.

The last product I tried was the “Summer Citrus Body Bar”. This was a great soap to start off my day in the shower, as it energized me with a sweet splash of citrus scent. This is also great to give as gifts as it came in a nice gift bag.

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